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Saturday, December 17, 2005

DIY #1

Had a few jobs to sort out today. First up was fixing a few leaks under the kitchen sink which seem to have caused water damage to the laminate over some unknown period of time.
So it was off to B&Q in town to pick up some bits & bobs then a quick trip back to the old house to also grab some of the stuff left there.

Once back I set about dismantling the U bend and cleaning it up and applying PFTE tape and Plumber's Mate putty to seal everything up. Testing was positive and it was a successful start to the diy campaign. Just to note that it's also the first bit of plumbing I've ever done too.

Next up on my list was installing the hose pipe that we'd bought the day before. The great thing about this job was it required power tools. Only a drill mind you but a power tool none the less. 30 minutes later and voila!

A coffee break or two later it was onto installing the washing machine and dishwasher. We've already decided the kitchen is going to be replaced at some point, mostly because it's not to our tastes but also because it's just so weirdly layed out. Nothing in it has been done quite right. Plug sockets are in strange places (cupboards) and the plumbing is a bit of a mess (and until earlier, leaked).
The drill was called back in again to creating some routing holes for pipes and a lot of wrangling to route power cables behind cookers and such ended up with things finally sorted. So, everything is pretty much in.

Dinner now and maybe some more paper stripping in my office afterwards but that's everything ticked on my list for today.


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