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Thursday, December 22, 2005

A little announcement

Not entirely relevant to this blog but it seems a good place to post this as it's really only been a feasible consideration since we've moved here and out of our tiny little flat.
A & I have been discussing this for quite some time and both of us feel the time is about right to do something about it. So, in a relatively short period of time our family will be growing.

That's right, we're getting a dog.

In our discussions we've gone back and forth on the merrits of getting a puppy versus a rescue dog. We've made many trips to a local animal shelter over the last year or so and seen a few dogs that we'd like to have homed, there are plenty of beautiful animals out there that need loving homes.
On the other hand there's the whole puppy experience and watching a small ball of fluff grow a personality.
In the end though we have decided, initially, to rehome an unwanted pet (we will probably get a puppy once we know we're competent dog owners). Today we went back to the animal shelter (we'd been down earlier in the week) and took some time to find a pet that matched our requirements (and us theirs).

So I am exceptionally pleased to announce that Kita (pronounced Kee-ta) will be joining our family next week! :)
She's a lovely natured 3 year old Lurcher, who's tolerant of other dogs and cats although she can be a little nervous.
Pics will appear when she feels comfortable to be photographed and I'm really looking forward to introducing here to you all.


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