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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Of mice and men

Part of owning a dog is picking up its excrement. I must now thank my father for taking care of that task for the family dogs when I was growing up.
Now it's my turn :(

As an aid we bought a poo composter when we picked Kita up and I've been out in the garden today digging the rather large hole necessary to install it. Whilst doing so I attracted the attention of a few little Robins. I've come to the conclusion that they must smell the dug up earth, it's the only way I can think that within 5 minutes of starting they were hopping around me.

These chaps (or chappesses) have very little fear and get incredibly close. Having popped back to the house for my camera I snagged this shot which pretty much sums up most of the looks I was getting.

After finishing up for the day I wandered back into the kitchen and noticed the mouse trap was closed. Obviously you're missing the back story here but we realised we had gained another occupant as well as Kita the other day when we found mouse droppings in one of the kitchen draws. The following day confirmed this when A saw the little begger run under the fridge.

So whilst in Homebase picking up a few items I got a non-lethal mouse trap. I know a lot of people don't really like mice and would use lethal traps but honestly, they're still wildlife. Fair enough you don't really want them in the house but they're still lovely little creatures.

Anyway, back to the closed mouse trap. Initially I thought it had probably just been kicked or Kita had knocked it. It works on a counterbalance thing so that once the mouse has gone in for the food, it tips up closing the door behind it.
Picking the trap up it felt a little more than empty. A gentle shake confirmed it had a victim.

Another quick camera job:

He wasn't in the jug long, just so that I could take a quick shot. I put him back in the trap so I could release him. Normally you're meant to go around 4-5 miles away from home to truly disorient the mouse but it was late afternoon and just getting dark so I thought the back of the garden would do.

Crouching down I gently opened up the trap door and instantly the mouse shot out the end. It was like I had lit the fuse on a little canon which fired him out the end!

We're pretty sure we know how it initially got in, we've temporarily plugged the hole for the moment until I can sort out something more concrete (quite literally).

I love living out near the wildlife.


At 11:45 pm, Blogger mum4d said...

Good luck with the poo composter. We had one of those for our dogs when I was growing up. We gave up using it.... Just put it all down the (handy) outside loo. At least having cats I don't have to go round picking it up! But I did spy one of our cats pooping in the middle of the front grass the other day - obviously the grass is too long!

At 9:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes they do come back. A friend of mine caught rather too many baby rats in her trap and resorted to marking them with a dab of nail polish on their tails to check. They were caught again and had to walk a little further to empty the trap; so perhaps you should re-set the trap and wait for the second visit. Also spiders run back indoors if you don't watch out.

At 1:25 pm, Blogger natty68 said...

We have got an electronic pest controller - the type that plugs into the electric socket. It emits a high frequency emmission that the mouse hears and it frightens it so much it doesnt come in. Believe me it We had a resident harvest mouse that kept home in the living room, and ever since we booted it outdoors and put the pest controller in the socket near the patio doors the poor little mouse hasnt come near the house. I have seen it outside and it comes as far as the door and then scampers off again twitching its ears.. So they do work.

Natty (UKAPG)


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