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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The office is shaping up.

Originally I had planned to give my new office a couple of quick coats of paint and then move everything in and be happy. Yeah, right.

The walls in my office have gone through various stages of decorating involving multiple layers of paint and wallpaper, including one of those strips of wallpaper that goes around the mid rift of the room only (usually covering a join between two different patterns of wallpaper top and bottom).
This being my new office for the next 'n' years I really want to feel at home in it and feel like it is mine (yes I know I own it so it is mine but I need to own the spirit of it as well). So the wallpaper had to go.

I really had thought that would be quite a simple task and now I know quite a bit better. The top half of the room was relatively ok to strip but I believe the paper on the bottom half was attached with super glue. Honestly. That's the only substance known to mankind that could keep the paper on the wall like that.
As usual though, A came to my rescue with a wallpaper stripper that's been languishing in the deep depths of the upstairs cupboard in the old place.

Now the boot's on the other foot and I have the upper hand. >:)

After many, many hours stripping and prepping the walls I have now managed to finally get some paint on them. First coats only but I feel like I'm getting there. I'll have second coats on two of the walls by the end of tonight and there's only one wall left naked at the moment. It needs a little more prep work and is being a little stubborn around the window but I know that in the end, I shall be victorious.


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