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Friday, December 16, 2005

We have a Hedgehog!

Ok, this may seem a little odd but us ex-town folk don't really see these chaps very often. When I just headed out to empty some rubbish into the bin I heard the tell tale rustling amongst the leaves. Upon further inspection I found a rather large Hedgehog snuffling about!
I'll have to sit out one evening with the camera and see if I can't get a shot of him.

I'm going to enjoy living in a village :D


At 6:51 pm, Anonymous Zoe said...

You twit!! congrats on getting the house, it seems really nice. so now you are an offcial house owner when are you going to be inviting your 1 and only niece to come and stay in your new house with its big garden????

love ya loads

At 10:27 pm, Anonymous Alice said...

Hiya, love the blog!
I'm a bit concerned about the hedgie - shouldn't he/she be hibernating? There might be more onfo here:
(Their catalogue is sweet too.)


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