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Monday, April 24, 2006

The decking is ongoing

Took a days holiday today, it had two benefits. First, with all the bank holidays lately it means that I will have four four day weeks by the end of the first week in May (which is nice!). Secondly it gave me an extra day to work on the decking, which is a very good thing since by the end of Sunday I had just one plank added to the frame.

So, where did the rest of the weekend go? Levelling. Damn levelling of the frame. It takes a while but it's worth it in the end. That and a bit more work on A's little garden project (which is nearly complete).

Today was spent on my hands and knees, about 8 hours of it in fact. Unfortunately it's not over yet either, as A has not been well recently, it meant that I was going solo.

Anyway, a couple of pictures to give an idea of where things are. It's somewhat sobering to think that once this section is complete, it's less than half the total area of planned decking! But at least once this section is finished, we can get the table and chairs on there and enjoy it.


At 3:47 pm, Anonymous kate said...

I love the decking but where's the wedding photo's!?


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