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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Impulse purchase: new sofa!

I regularly pass by a furniture retailer that is situated just next to my work: we've bought two sideboards and our dining chairs from there, so far, and we're very happy with them. On Thursday, I went in with my little camera to see if any of the sale items would do for the living room. I was looking for bookcases or shelving or storage of that nature. I found a sofa:

It's being delivered on Wednesday. It should fit neatly where our current one does, and round the corner to the window. It will use some currently dead space, and hopefully make the living room much more sociable place to be. It's a clearance item, so we got it at about a third of the retail price, which is very gratifying.

It is, however, cream. Miss Muddy-Paws 2006 witll be delighted.


At 10:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it looks fab but perhaps a few throws in darker colours will be a good idea. It's not just the muddy paws you will have to contend with but I'm sure Miss will love the space to roll on

At 7:19 pm, Anonymous Alexa said...

Wow love the sofa Ota! And the photos of Kita are amazing.


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