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Friday, April 14, 2006

First barbecue!

Contrary to all expectations and experience with the British weather on bank holidays, we've had a truly glorious Good Friday. Besides a short shower this morning, it's been blue, sunny and summery; and we had our first barbecue - both of the year and in this house - this evening!

It was a bit of an impromptu affair; I suggested it because J was going to Tesco anyway, and I thought he might be able to pick up a cheap barbecue. It turned out that he could pick up charcoal, meat, salad and cheese - but no barbecue.

So he improvised:

We had halloumi kebabs, chipolatas and mustard marinated escalopes of veal (don't shoot me - no crates involved! It will never be my favourite meat, though). Cooked halloumi, particularly barbecued, is one of the favoured foods of the Gods. Raw, it just squeaks.


And Kita learned to eat sausages off a fork:



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